5 Most Important Life Lessons From Gautam Buddha

1)The Mind is every thing you become what you think.images

Your thinking determines your actions. If you think right it will grant you anything and everything you. Sometimes, you know, its in your head that you just cannot accomplish a task or you feel you cannot do this or do that or whatever. This kind of negative thinking is really deleterious. If you think right things will automatically turn right. If you have the right determination no obstacle can stop you. When you think of becoming something or achieving something you try to work on it and work till you achieve it but when you live this attitude that you are a loser you eventually turn into one.

2) Three things cannot be hidden: the Sun, the moon and the truth.

This is one of t he most important and one of the truthful teachings from Gautam Buddha. No matter how hard you try to conceal the truth it will come out someday. It may take time to reveal itself but it will for sure no matter how hard you try to keep it away from the world.

3) Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.

Never look for something that can only be found within. Many times we look out to distract ourselves from the reality we know is truth. Reality is the peace that can be found within yourself. Peace is a perspective and that perspective begins with you. Once you have peace in your soul everything becomes peaceful.

4) The only failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows.

We know a lot but we don’t always do what we know. This in my opinion is a serious illness. If you fail it won’t because you didn’t know it will be because you didn’t do. Don’t just consume every information try and use them in different ways and trust me it helps a lot. When you know things and you can do them don’t stop yourself what counts at the end of the day is trying because even if you fail in something people will remember you because you gave it a try and didn’t give up before trying.

5)“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.”

He who can conquer himself is greater than mighty. To conquer yourself you need to conquer your mind and control the way you think. People think they can’t control their thoughts if it comes it comes, they think. We need to understand and learn that we control our thoughts. Buddha said,”It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe that lures him to evil ways.” We need to dismiss thoughts that are contrary to the life you live or want to live.


Ganesh Chaturthi.

So the most famous festival of our city is on its way! Ganesh Chaturthi. There is so much of excitement and hope in the air that you can feel the positivity this festival creates in the minds of every mumbaikar. People who don’t believe in any God bow down when Ganpati Bappa is here in the city. May it be Lal Baugh Cha Raja or a simple small idol people, treat them all the same. Streets are full of lights and people have an extraordinary smile on their faces. People have their faith in this festival. Lokmanya Tilak first started the celebrations of this festival just to unite indians and he was quite successful and left a mark. This is probably the only time when there is unity among people. People become extremely ebullient weeks before bappa is arriving and their extant love for the festival keeps it alive. So if you really want to know the indian culture this festival is the first step towards it and I promise you even if you visit one of the pandals or even if you visit a relatives place you will never be the same and I can tell you if there so much of excitement days before the festival the amount of excitement in the minds of people and the surrounding will be way too much once the festival started. 10308113_681249511935679_3607655543748869877_n

Road to positivity

Do you ever feel like your road is under construction or maybe it has broken down or your life is detoured by some personal problems of your own? Well, just remember one thing and that is your attitude towards your life will drive your happiness. Days may be bad or sometimes even worse but you need to develop a positive thinking towards every problem. If you look around ,everyday maybe the same but there is some magic in each day. Each day is different we only fail to recognize it because of our negative attitude. Wake up with no regrets even if you don’t have spirit of doing something great or achieving something today build the spirit because that is important and when you sleep, sleep as if you are appeased of what you did today and have no regrets for anything wrong that must have happened! No! Wait, don’t let that thought strike your mind. Always have this one thought in mind Positive actions lead to positive results.
Positivity comes from your own mind but your surroundings or the people maybe your family or friends or colleagues have a huge impact on your positive attitude. If your friends are dull and not cheerful or not passionate of anything in life, change them. Make friendship with people who are happy about every small things and whose heads are not stuck in the problems of yesterday, who are cheerful at every point in life and only then things will seem better then ever. Remember a man is known by the company he keeps.
Set goals in life make one ultimate goal one final goal that you have to achieve and follow small steps. You cannot climb the stairs without taking the first step. Take these steps make one goal to achieve at least for a single day because that one step will lead you to your ultimate goal. Achieve that one goal and never lie to yourself. Positivity comes when you make things positive. Read at least 10 positive quotes each day anytime in the morning because if you start your day with a positive quote you turn into a positive person at least for that particular day and this my friends is my personal experience. Positive Quotes, Positive Mind, Positive Life.